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  1. MARIUSZ says

    Proszę o konverter SWG-mm

    • Swagatam says

      Sorry, I do not have a SWG-mm converter software with me at this time.

  2. Donald Livesay says

    PS. caps size is 4700 mf for power supply.

  3. Donald Livesay says

    I am curious as to the resonant frequencies of a 120/100 volt power supply rectified to DC then using an CLC filter. is a resonant frequency of 4.238 a good frequency to have as i am trying to attain a very flat dc output at under 2 amps. L is a laminated silicon iron core 6″ L x 2.25 W x .75 H @ ruffly 300 to 500 mh.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Swagatam says

      Please use the above software to calculate it…

  4. Romeo says

    Hello Swagadam
    Please help, I want to make my Inductor to be installed on my generator (my output is square wave at Ic555, i need a formula
    Of how to compute the henry in order to achieved Sine Wave.

    Thank you

    • Swagatam says

      Hello Romeo, I have not yet investigated inductor filters so I do not have the formulas with me right now, but I think you can use RC networks instead for the same results.

      By the way for what application do you need this?

      • ROMEO JR. G DITCHON says

        Hi Swagatam,
        Thank you for promt reply
        This application for a 12-0-12/240 AC volts transformer.
        Can you send me diagram of RC networks for ic555 or 4017
        Supply volts 12 to 15 volts for ic555 output pin 3 im using 2n3055 and 2n2222.
        Thank you very much.

          • ROMEO JR. G DITCHON says

            Hi Swagatam,

            Many Thanks

            My frequency range would be 60hz/65 on 220/240 vac
            Lastly is this diagram you uploads is for left and right output connection of 12-0-12 transformer.

            Best Regards,

            • Swagatam says

              Hi Romeo,

              Can you please tell what exactly are you trying to make, is it an inverter? If it’s an inverter then this concept will not work.
              I provided this for converting your IC 555 square wave into sine wave!

            • ROMEO JR. G DITCHON says

              Hi Swagatam,
              Yes it is inverter and i used ic555 and a transformer 12-0-12/230 vac

              • Swagatam says

                I am sorry Romeo, a sine wave input cannot be used from the DC side for an inverter…you will have to use an SPWM at the DC side and then refine the output on the AC side with LC filter or simply with capacitors.

        • kamlesh says

          study ic 8038 wave form generator .

  5. moha says

    Hi swagadam,

    i am moha, i really appriciated to you doing very good guidence upcoming engineers inspriation.

    i need some information about transformers core max saturated frequency like Iron core, ferite core
    pls reply and thankful to you

    • Swagatam says

      Thank you Moha,

      I am not sure about the exact frequency range for these variants, but it seems 20 to 200 Hz is suitable for iron core coils and 10kHz to 100kHz for ferrite based coils.

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